Shrimp & Grits, ya’ll!

Yum! That’s what we had for dinner last night. It was very yummy!! Chris had some beer & I had a glass of wine. delish.

Yum! Grits!

Steamed Shrimps!

Dinner was a success. We had ice cream for desert & attempted to watch a movie. Fail! I always fall asleep during movies & Chris fell asleep too.


I finished reading Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham. I read it in a matter of 2 or 3 hours. Chris worked late Friday night so I cuddled up on the couch with one of my Dad’s old quilts and went to reading. It is another Young Adult book. I really enjoyed it. The story is told by the Shark Girl, Jane. She was attacked by a shark while at the beach with her family. She loses her right arm and the story is about her recovery, and how she copes. I cried a few tears a couple of times. I’m not literary genius, and I’m not terrific at writing book reviews, but I really enjoyed this book. I would recommend it if you want a quick easy read.

Next up to read is Sweetgrass Basket, by Marlene Carvell.


I took Saturday & Sunday off from running. My legs were SO sore Saturday walking up and down the stairs sucked. Thursday & Friday’s runs were pretty rough for me, and I’m sure the fact that I wear heels at work every day contributed to the soreness.

Saturday I went to some garage sales, which was big fat FAIL! I spent a whopping $3 dollars. I bought a little wicker shelf, which I was planning on painting and hanging somewhere. Chris said he doesn’t like it, so I might just take it to GoodWill. I already have 4 boxes of stuff that need to go. … I also got 2 vases that I plan on putting shells in and setting somewhere.

I also went to GoodWill yesterday and got a huge vase. ___

I’ll leave you with that. It’s bed time. I don’t do late nights.


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