Dusted off my running shoes

….and went for a run..outside. Whew! It was hot! I went for a run about 8pm last night, it was still smoking hot outside. The humidity was kicking.

I was determined to run yesterday, regardless of the weather. It wasn’t that great of a run, but what can I expect, it’s been 2-3 weeks since my last run.

I ran 2.72 miles, and I didn’t even run the whole thing. I was some what disappointed in myself, but it’s literally been weeks since I’ve ran.. and then I think, well geez, 2.7 miles really isn’t that far. But it was so hot yesterday, breathing was an issue. My left calf was tight, and my ankles were hurting. .. I was falling apart.

It did feel good to just get out there though. I got to run in my new neighborhood, so that was pretty cool.  I run by several marinas and by the end of the day they are pretty stinky. Stinky shrimp boats, and charter fishing boats. It is pretty cool getting to run by the water though. I saw several birds, and heard a couple of fish jumping in the water.

Hopefully today I can get in another run!

In other house related news, Chris put up my shelf in the laundry room, for some reason I really really needed this shelf up. I needed to be able to put my detergent & fabric softner up on the shelf, it was really bothering me sitting on the dryer. Chris also hung blinds in the guest room, and hung a curtain in the other guestroom/office. Hopefully tonight we’ll get some boxes unpacked, we can get some pictures hung.

You know sitting around the office doing nothing really can wear a girl out. I’m exhausted this week and I’ve done nothing all week. The Dr I work for is out of town. He left Wednesday & will be back on Monday.  Today I have a meeting @ 830am. Why did I agree to that? It’s at a different hospital, so I have to drive further. boo. I’m soo tired, I really just want to go lay back in bed.

Thank goodness it’s Friday!

Have a happy Friday!


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