Avocados & New books.

I have a new obsession with avocados. I mean, they are just SO good. I bought my first avocado last weekend at the grocery store. I had to google how to cut it up =/ . I didn’t know it had a ginormous seed in it. I bought two more avocados yesterday @ the grocery store. I was hungry when I got home today for work, so I snacked on an avocado. I thought that would be better then the Nilla Wafers that are sitting in the pantry tempting me, or the darn doritos that are just calling my name.


Don’t those just look yummy? What is your favorite way to eat avocados?


I finished my book today, One of those hideous books books where the mother dies , Sonya Sones.

It was really good. It was my first YA book in probably 8 or 9 years. It was a quick (and I do mean quick, I started it this morning, and finished it this afternoon) and easy read.

The formatting of

the book was a

little different. Well,

It was a lot different.

Each page had a

paragraph written out like this

and it was titled.

Kinda strange, but it really made it a super quick read. It’s a story about a 15yr old girl, Ruby,  whose mother dies, she is shipped off to LA to live with her movie star father whom divorced her mother before she was born. He

r whole life she grew up with just her mom. She never had any contact with her father.at.all. So this is quite traumatic for her. She has to move across the country to live with a man who she thinks never cared about her. She has the typical I’m 15 attitude. I coul

d kind of relate to her, not in that, my mom died and now I have to move across the country, kind of way. But in the I’m 15, I know more then you, and I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of anything kind of attitude. She really gives her dad a hard time. I started to sympathize with her father because he was trying and Ruby kept pushing him away. It had a few laugh out loud moments, and I even shed some tears. (But i’m a sap like that, I doubt the avg person would drop a tear).

Then I went to the library to get some more books. Yes! A trip to the library twice in one week, this is great! It’s so nice that it’s right on my way home. This trip I picked up 3 books. 2 YA books, and one adult fiction book.


1. The Way Life Should Be , Christina Baker Kline

2. Shark Girl , Kelly Bingham  (YA Fic)

3. Sweetgrass Bay, Marlene Carvell (YA Fic)

I would love to just cuddle up on the couch and read. But I first must go for a run. I must, I must, I must. I also need to cook dinner, but I have no idea where my husband is, or what time he’ll be home. He was working in Lecanto today, which is about 50 miles north of us. .. and the last I talked to him was around 12:30 and they were waiting for it to quit storming. Hmmm.


2 thoughts on “Avocados & New books.

  1. Avacodos are the best! They are great sliced up on sandwiches (deli turkey, sprouts, on whole wheat), burgers (w/red onion and tomato), grilled chicken sandwiches (also with red onion and tomato), in salsas, made as guacamole (mash with lime juice and cilantro), in sushi rolls….I eat a lot of avacados, kudos for you on getting into them!


  2. I like to make a grape guacamole. Same as regular guac, just add in a bunch of purple grapes. YUMMY. Sounds weird, but seriously is amazing. But I could eat avocados on anything. LOVE THEM.

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