That’s how I feel.  I don’t know why, but I am just so aggitated. Everything is just driving me crazy.

I’m overwhelmed to say the least. Our house is a mess. I know, I know, we just moved. I realize we just moved, but that doesn’t make the boxes and stuff every where any less annoying, does it? NO!

I have three goals for today when we get home.  #1, hang blinds in guest room; #2, hang shelves in laundry room; #3, hang pictures in guest room.

There are so many bare walls its driving me crazy. In our old house there was just no space for pictures on the wall. We had a few, but in our new house its so huge compared to the last house, and there are white walls everywhere. I think it’s driving me insane. I need some color or pictures or something! Everything is white white white!

I need to run. At this point it’s a need, not just a want. I am going to run today, hopefully it will cool off around dusk and I can get a run in. Hell, I might just go run in the heat. Something has gotta give, I need some time to run and clear my head. I doubt i’ll get far, I’ll be happy with 2-3 miles. I am still planning on running the WomensHalf in November. I think training for that starts in August, lol, hottest month ever.

I also got an e-mail today from the Florida Beachhalfathon series guy. I really want to run those races, but I don’t know about running that halves in that short of a period.  It’s Oct/Dec/Jan/Feb… Plus the Women’s Half in November. So that’s a half a month for 5 months.. whew, that sounds like a lot of running. I haven’t run more then 2 miles in forever. shameful. just shameful.

Chris’ b-day is this weekend, we are having a lil party at the house with his family. That is another reason I want the house to get organized. I know it doesn’t ‘have’ to be, but I would feel better if it was a little more organized. ugh.

Gotta go do some homework.


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