settling in..kind of.

There are still boxes and stuff everywhere. Tonight I guess I’m kind of taking a break from unpacking. Chris isn’t here tonight so I can’t move anything around in the office, and that room needs the most help. There is stuff everywhere.

My dad is coming back over here tomorrow so I need to get the guestroom set up and cleaned up. Right now all of our pictures (wall pictures) are on the bed. I also have to go buy a broom, we left the old on in Davenport; Chris is bringing it home tomorrow, but I need one tonight. These dogs shed, and track in a bunch of dirt.

I really can not motivate myself to get up and change clothes to go to the store. =/ lame.

I really can’t wait to start running again. Hopefully tomorrow my dad & Chris can bring my treadmill up stairs. It’s WAY to hot to run outside right now. The humidity is awful .. lame.

Well. That is all. Nothing to interesting.

We have to get pretty much organized by this weekend, we are having a little birthday party for Chris.


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