Oh, unpacking.

Unpacking is worse then packing. I am procrastinating right now. I’ll give you a quick update, and a few pictures as to how my unpacking is going.

First of all, I am so tired I can barely stand myself. Yeh, it’s THAT bad. Second, well there is no second, but I’m really tired. I want to lay down & take a nap. Chris said I could since I have to work tomorrow, but If I lay down, I’ll be down for hours. Napping is counter-productive.

I’ll show you a few pictures of what is done so far.

Our new kitchen table!

We had hamburgers for dinner last night. HA HA.. with tater tots. YUM! I got Chris a new grill for his birthday. His birthday is not until June 20th, but I gave it to him early just in case it wasn’t what he wanted. I picked it out all by myself.. okay, Jeremy helped me =) .

Dock themed entertainment center.

I’m debating whether or not to keep the pink adirondack chair lamps. I really like them, I’m just not sure about keeping them on the entertainment center.

I have two of these cute little lamps. They are going to go into the guest room. I decided the color for the guest room will be shades of blue. The theme will be “boats”. We have this huge sail boat picture that we are going to hang in the guestroom, and it has all shades of blue in it. I think it’s going to look great!! I can’t wait to get everything set up & decorated. I just wish someone else would come do it for me!

I love this table. It’s just so cute! It matches our kitchen table, and goes perfectly with the feel of the house we are trying to accomplish!

More updates later- Gotta get back to unpacking.


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