I made a ‘desk’ . I was tired of laying on the floor to use my computer. We have no furniture here besides a few chairs in the garage.. Well, we have a couch here, but I don’t think I can put it right side up with out scratching the floor or damaging something. It’s on its side right now, so I’ll just leave it alone until Chris gets here.  I brought up a table & a chair from the garage & made a little desk..

I went ‘grocery’ shopping. I have no dishes or anything here, no pots, pans, nothing. So pretty much all I can do for dinner is either, eat out, or buy frozen dinners. I am not a fan of frozen dinners they are SO bland. Bleh! I bought a chicken enchilada lean cuisine, some other lean cuisine snack thing (which I discovered I can’t make, because you have to put it on a microwaveable plate; which I don’t have!  I also bought something else, but I forget what it was. I got some bread & turkey for sandwiches. Plus some milk & cereal, and a case of water. Got a few other things, but I really doubt you care to know every single thing I bought @ Wal-Mart. Right?

It’s really pretty boring by myself. My dad left & went back to Orlando. I’ve just been sitting here watching whatever TV I could think of that might have full episodes available on their website. I watched the season premiere of Royal Pains … boo… Not the greatest, it’s definitely not Greys Anatomy. I also watched the most recent episode of The Hills , pretty sure I lost some brain cells during that. How ridiculous are those girls, good grief. But it’s so addicting. I could sit here and watch them for hours, not sure why.

Well, I’m off. Gotta go blow up my air mattress. Ha ha!


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