February 7, 2010

The day I got married. On the West Coast Florida board on The Nest we started a “siggy challenge” — This week , or today, the “challenge” was Your favorite kissing photo from your wedding day

This was mine, hands down:

The colors are the true colors of the day. None of my pictures were photoshopped.. Well, I think there might be 3-5 that she did a few special things to. But I told our photographer I didn’t want anything photoshopped. I wanted my pictures to look exactly as my wedding looked; It was a beautiful day!

There is one she photoshopped. My flowers were ah-mazing! Chris’ mom made our bouquets. She ordered the flowers from a local florist friend of her’s and then she put them together. They turned out so wonderful, I was so happy! They were absolutely perfect, and everything I wanted! 
I loved my jewelry. I searched high & low for the perfect Starfish jewelry. This became quite a challenge. I ordered 2 different necklaces online; neither of them were “big” enough or sparkly enough.  I found this set at Caribbean Jubilee @ John’s Pass in Madeira Beach. 
My Dad was making me laugh the whole time we were walking down the “aisle”… I was laughing & crying; ans you can see from that crazy expression on my face. He kept asking me If I was sure, because if I wasn’t he had a “getaway boat” waiting for me just off the beach.. Ha Ha!!

Chris’ surprise Groom cake- He had no idea I was getting this cake for him. He always drinks monster when he fishes.. =)    It was SOOOO delish! It was carrot cake with cream cheese filling.OMG the deliciousness!!

“And I’m gonna love you like nobody loves you
And I’ll earn your trust making memories of us
I’m gonna love you like nobody loves you
And I’ll win your trust making memories of us”

-Keith Urban-

My Dad was complaining. He said “Did you pick the longest song you could find?” … “This isn’t Jimmy Buffett”.. “I can’t sing to this song, I don’t even know it”.. It was Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman
My dad really does love me though =)

Me & My Mama! (out of order, but oh well.)

This picture cracks me up. Whatever she said must have been funny. I’m in between laughing & crying again. (That is my MOH, My Sissy Love)

This was one of my favorite moments of our wedding. I had been waiting for this moment for months.

Chris didn’t know about the hot pink tights. I am not the jokester kind. I don’t do pranks, and this was totally out of character for me. Plus I had to keep this a secret for several months. I just thought it would be funny to surprise him w/ pink tights. He was surprised- Check out my mom & my sisters reaction in the first picture where he has his hand covering his face. They knew it was coming.

dancin’ to SugarHill Gang’s Apache

The End.


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