One more Day.

The weekend should be 3 days, not 2. I can’t get everything done in 2 days; especially this weekend, I really just need an extra day. I spent all day yesterday at our new house, everything I wanted/needed to do took longer then I anticipated so I didn’t get home until 8pm, bleh.

I stayed up till after 12am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo , I’m SO close to being done, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to finish it. Then I slept in way to late this morning, 9am. It was needed, but darn I had stuff to get done this morning.

I took Diva to PetSmart to get a haircut & nails trimmed… She must have been mad at me because while we were waiting for them to take her back she peed on the floor numerous times and THEN she squatted and took a poop. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I seriously wanted to die of embarrassment.. She has a shy bladder anyways, she pees every where when she gets really excited and meets new people.. I was expecting the pee, but the poop. Oh my.  They called a few hrs later and said she did really well, which surprised me, she HATES to have her hair cut.. We generally do it ourselves, but I wanted a full body cut, face and everything, and she will not let us do her face/head.

While Diva was getting groomed I went down to Target…to look for a book.. I left with almost $90 worth of stuff. WHAT HAPPENED??? I got the book I wanted though, ha!  I ended up strolling through the grocery section and saw some good deals on some snacks. Since Chris & I are going to be apart starting this week I needed to buy him some snacks he can pack in his lunch…. The bargain bins also sucked me in, and I got some good deals on hair clips, and hair bands.

I meandered through the book section, made a list of “to read” books. The next book, and the one I bought, that I’m going to read is The Girl who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson. Yes, I’ve been sucked into this series of books. After the initial financial mess in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo it got significantly more interesting and a really good read. I’m excited to start the next book.

I wrote down a few other books that I want to buy;
Look Again by Lisa Scottoline,
9th Judgement by James Patterson
A Soft Place to Land Susan Rebecca White

My blog has obviously taken a turn; while it used to be a lot of running blogs those seemed to have disappeared. I’m sorry. This weather, and my lack of time has gotten the best of me. I promise that once we are moved, and I have a more stable schedule I will resume my running & running posts. Until then, my blog will consist of whatever randomness is going on in my life, the books I’m reading, my new job, and our adventure of moving 2 hours away.


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