I follow quite a few blogs, I don’t usually get to read daily but I catch up with them every few days. A fellow blogger Shelby @ Eat Drink Run live in NYC and has these WTF NYC moments from time to time.. So in honor of Shelby’s WTF NYC.. I’m going to give you a WTH Winter Haven, FL.

I think I’ve mentioned I work in an Urgent Care Center and we sometimes get the oddest requests, or ridiculous questions. This one might take the cake.

Thursday afternoon I’m just sitting at my desk minding my own business, probably thinking about how close I am to my last day there; when this little old lady walks up. Debbie starts to talk to her to find out what she needs. She has a plastic bag in her hand, and a little bottle of something. She says “I wanted to get this tested”… Now, usually when someone comes in with a plastic bag and says “I want to get this tested” it’s a stool culture that we’ve asked them to do…. so that’s what I assumed. But she took it out of the bag and it was in this little bottle. A bottle that she could not have possibly pooped in, and the only way she could have got the poop in that bottle was to have picked it up and shoved it in there ::gag::  It was an odd shaped little plastic bottle, like a miniature syrup bottle.  So now I’m really curious as to what she has in that bottle… Coffee grounds. She wants us to test her coffee grounds.. huh? This isn’t CSI lady, you don’t just take your coffee grounds somewhere and ask for them to be tested… So she goes on and on about how she’s been here, here, and here and no one will do it.. Uhm.. Duh. We test human specimens, not coffee grounds.. She will not leave. It’s like she was not comprehending that we have no way to test for anything in her coffee. Not exactly sure what it was that she was looking for in that coffee. She said it’s “Great Value brand and its Colombian flavor and it just doesn’t taste right”.. So clearly this means someone drugged it..or something. Finally she left and Debbie just looked at me and I busted out laughing. WTH Winter Haven? What is wrong with your citizens?

Today I am going over to our new house, yay! I have to go to the Lowe’s over there to order appliances! I’m pretty excited to actually see the house itself, instead of in pictures!  Check out my other blog to see some updates pictures of what’s been finished thus far. homebeachome

Last night we had “breakfast” for dinner. It was so good, we did the same thing last week, or the week before. I think we should make it a uh, ritual, to have breakfast for dinner @ least once a week. Last night we had sausage patties, grits & eggs. Question: If you live in the north.. Do you eat grits? Do you have grits?

Chris told me that “yankees” don’t have grits, or that they don’t eat grits, and they don’t know what they are sometimes. Is this true?


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