Day of rest..

I’m not running today; I know, I just got back into running, how can I already be taking a day off?!   I’m super exhausted today. It was really rainy today and the humidity is out of this world.. Yes, I have a treadmill, but the treadmill is out in Chris’ shop, an un-air conditioned shop. Plus I have some homework I need to finish up. I’m almost done w/ this class, I have one unit left & the final. Then I can move on from this class.

Breakfast consisted of maple & brown sugar oatmeal with 1% milk.

Lunch: hamburger w/ ketchup & mustard only; no bun.

Snack: Kashi Dark chocolate & Cherry granola Bar.. and a couple almonds

Dinner: Grilled cheese & some red wine. (lol)

Chris is still out of town, he won’t be home till late tonight. I might still make some goulash so we have lunch for tomorrow.

I will start back running tomorrow; probably with a 4 miler. ..

Off to do homework!


One thought on “Day of rest..

  1. I don't think I would survive running in FL with the heat all the time:) It's getting warm here now (high of 75 today) but if I run at 5:30 I can run in 45 degrees! Good luck getting back into it!

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