God is in control…

Job hunting is stressful. I’m sure this is a widely known fact and you didn’t need me to tell you that. I’ve been job hunting for a few weeks. We will be closing on our house June 15th and I wanted to have a job prior to closing.  So for weeks I’ve been stalking craigslist, employflorida, indeed.com, monster, and careerbuilder.. even though monster & careerbuilder aren’t the best it’s something. I applied for maybe 15-20 positions. Some of which I didn’t really want to hear back from, but If I did I would have been okay and interviewed had they asked me to.

So last Friday, not yesterday, the Friday before, I was stalking Craigslist and came across an add for a medical biller/front desk/medical assistant. I thought this was for three separate positions. I e-mail the address given. FWD to Sunday night. I get an e-mail asking if I am available to talk over the phone about the position, and would I be available the next day for an interview. wow.

Monday morning. I go for the interview. I meet with the surgeon & another woman doctor. I there maybe 20 minutes or so. I felt like everything went pretty well, I had answers for all of their questions. I felt really confident going in.  BTW; the ad was not for 3 different positions.. One person, 3 jobs.  So I’m really excited about this job, I’m thinking this is going to be an awesome opportunity, I’m going to be exposed to surgical billing & and that will help my career… Monday afternoon after I get back to work the surgeon calls the doctor I currently work for to get a reference/recommendation.

Tuesday. I start freaking out. I don’t know anything about surgical anything. How can I do billing for something I don’t know anything about. My mind is just racing. I feel sick about it. I also had a phone interview Tuesday morning for another position @ a local hospital. That interview went well, they said they would be calling me for a 2nd interview.  Tuesday afternoon the surgeon calls my office manager for a recommendation.  Surgeon e-mails me and says he will call me on Wed. …..

Wednesday night, the woman Dr. calls me. She offers me the position, they want to bring me on as the office manager. We discuss it some.. I tell her I have to talk w/ my Husband.. they want me to start on May 26th. Obviously this is an issues as we won’t close until June… there are a few other things that I’m slightly worried about. She says Okay, she’ll call me Thursday night…

Thursday comes and goes.. The Surgeon e-mailed me around midnight Thursday night asking when he could contact me Friday…. by now my nerves are getting the best of me… By Friday I’ve thought of 100 reasons why I shouldn’t take the job. The Surgeon calls me @ 1130… I start telling him why I’m not sure I’m right for the position. For every fear & concern I have regarding the position he has an answer & a solution. He made me feel 100% confident that I can do the job & that I will be good at it. .. I was going to turn down the offer, by the time we got off the phone I wanted to accept the offer. He said to think about it some more, think about it over the weekend, talk about it w/ Chris and he would call me on Monday.

God is in control. I wasn’t going to take the position, but I seriously think God says that I am going to take it.. To me, he obviously wants me in that position. He made it available to me. There were answers & solutions for every problem or fear I had. I think its pretty obvious that’s where I’m supposed to be.

So Monday I will accept the position. May 27th I will start as the office manager at a GI Surgeon’s office. Pretty exciting! New & Exciting things are coming our way!

Wednesday, the


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