MidFlorida MayFair 5k Race Report.

Mid Florida MayFaire 5k. Whew! This race was tough! 1. it was hot as heck, and the humidity was awful! 2. no one told me there would be hills!!

There were over 1100 runners, and that would make this the largest 5k I’ve ever run in. I must admit, I am not a fan of that many people in such a small area. It was crowded through out the entire race. The streets were narrow & it never really opened up.

There was a water station, around 1.5 mile mark, so that was nice. It was definintly needed during this race. Normally i’m not a water drinker on a race that short, but it was scorching hot- even with the race starting at 7pm. ick.

Woo Hoo! There I am finishing! (that time is the gun time)
kinda hard to see me… i have a white shirt & silver sun glasses w/ blue lenses – and i look like i’m concentrating really hard.. or getting pissed because its so congested and I can’t move.

Chip Time : 26:20
Age Division: 11/78
Women’s Division:  67/624
Overall : 275/1142

Not to bad. My pace was 8:39, which was slower then I was aiming for but still pretty good. I really didn’t do very much running prior to this race. I think I ran a total of 8 miles in the 2 wks prior to this race. Not very impressive.

I’m hunting for a new race to sign up for; just concerned because it gets so hot so early. We’ll see.


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