I tried intervals…

and it was just freakin’ hot!! .. I only made it 1.19mi.. pathetic. It rained super hard earlier today then it was so humid. It was just like running right into a brick wall.. awful… I left the track and went to play it again sports.. I clearly can not run in this heat. I did a .31mi warm up… then did .25mi intervals, 2 minute break, .25 interval, 2min break… i think i made it 3 intervals before i got back to my car and quit.  I feel like a quitter. .

Play it again sports had quite a few treadmills, but I don’t have a large budget right now…and I can’t wait. I plan on registering for a November half..which would put me starting to train July/Aug.. uh, if it was 90 today, on May 6th, I can only imagine what it will be in July.. blech!

So this weekend i’ll be stalking Craigslist looking for a treadmill; probably not the best way to find a good TM but it’s my only option. Hopefully I can find one and pick it up by next wknd! 

In race related news I have a 5k Saturday evening; MidFlorida MayFaire 5k. I’ve never run an evening 5k… it will still probably be ridiculously hot. Oh well. What can ya do?

Tonight I had pancakes & turkey bacon for dinner, mmmm. Chris made oatmeal, eh. Gross. It was the old-fashioned kind..not the instant.. i like the instant for sure. 



3 thoughts on “I tried intervals…

  1. I know you're frustrated but I give you so much credit just for getting out there in that kind of heat. I would never be able to do it – you'd find me melted to the pavement long before 1.19 miles!Good luck on Saturday!

  2. Thanks. =) I felt like I was melting.. I was hoping the rain would cool it down some.. wrong. Just got an e-mail from the race director about Saturdays race.. the weather channel is calling for 84* and 67% humidity… awesome.. eh.

  3. I like instant better too! But Aaron likes his on the stove. He also grew up with it with water and me milk. I at least convinced him to do milk but we have it on the stove now. I should buy instant every now and then. Weird the things you discover being married!!

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