76* @ 8am

is not a good way to start the day…seriously? I knew it was going to be awful this morning.. I took the dogs out last night around 10 and i was sweating the second I walked out the door.. literally. It was so humid & hot. It was awful. I decided right then there was no way I was getting up early this morning to go run.. i decided to sleep in. & now i’m kind of kicking myself for it. I REALLY want to run but I just can’t make myself go out in that heat.. I don’t have any way of bringing water with me, and I can’t do 6 or 7 miles in this heat w/o water. That’s just stupid. I need to get a hydration belt but that’s really not in my budget right now.. ughh. I guess i’m just going to turn into a fat blob..

don’t mind me. I’m just playing pity party. I’m really starting to get stressed about moving. Like big time. I’m just freaking out about every little thing.


One thought on “76* @ 8am

  1. I'm sorry it's already SO hot down in FL, it's a glorious 55 – 60 degrees here today, so I guess Minnesota has its good points! Also, I don't have a hydration belt, but I seriously just carry a water bottle in my hand if I have to. It's not bad if you switch off hands. I hope to get a belt maybe for my b-day this summer, but then I'll probably look nerdy wearing it…

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