Holy Sweatshirts!

It was 87* when I got off work today…at 4pm. I headed to a near by trail that is only a 1 mile loop. I’m starting to realize that I cannot do loops. I just can’t do it. It’s so redundant it drives me crazy, running in circles is not for me. I can’t make myself generate any amount of mileage running in circles, especially on a 1 mile loops. 

So i’m running, and running in the opposite direction is a group of 6; the kid was on a bike in the front of the pack. Then comes a guy in some ridiculous looking hat, a sweatshirt & shorts.. behind him is another guy decked out in a sweatshirt & sweatpants… everyone in this group had either sweatpants or a sweatshirt on.. Did I miss the memo that sweatshirts/pants some how make you run better/faster? I mean really? I was dying and I had on spandex shorts & my dri-fit shirt from Gasparilla… Sweats? In 87 degree heat..hell freakin’ no!!!  & They were not the only ones. I saw another girl & guy decked out.. the guy had on a hoodie and he had the hood over his head..

Needless to say my run was mildly unsuccessful.. I could only manage 2 miles on the loop; it was miserable. It was hot & boring.

Sadly I work 10.5hr days Friday & Saturday, and that leaves no time for a run. I’m hoping to get a good run in on Sunday!


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