I fell off the wagon….

and I can’t seem to get back on. My motivation for running & working out in general is zilch. I mean, I want to run.. but i can not find the time. Last night is a good example. I got off work at 4 so I could go for a run & then go to Lowes/home depot w/ my Hubs to pick out tile for our new house (exciting, right?)… so this is what actually happened.. got off at 4, we decided to meet at home depot first since its right here near my work & we wouldn’t have to make a trip back over since we were already here… well hubs doesn’t get off till later so i’m sitting in the parking lot thinking how am i going to get a run in when we aren’t even going to get this party started till 5…. we look in home depot, call my dad to ask for a price range, he tells us to go to lowes, he gets a discount at lowes.. FINE! … we go to lowes- Do you know how challenging it is to pick tile? good grief! .. finally we leave lowes @ 630. well damn. I can’t go run now, it will be 8 before I get home and even later till we eat dinner… so i don’t go.. do i work out when i get home? no. i cook dinner then sit my ass on the couch. uggghhhhhh…. this is why i have gained 8lbs in the last month & a half. sick!

I’m horrible @ time management. ughhhhh. I need to read time management for dummies apparently. I seriously can not figure out how to fit everything into one day. It’s impossible. My school has totally taken a back seat, which is not good at all. I’m always talking about how I need to do school and then I never do. uhm, not wise, since i’m paying for it, and i’m going to end up paying MORE for it because i’m absolutely not going to finish in time. I almost feel like I should have never started this school.. if i’d have known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have. Had I known we would be building a house, and i’d be working a jillion hours I wouldn’t have taken on this certificate program. I can’t keep up; which is incredibly frustrating. I know I need to call the school, but i’m so worried they are going to scold me. I don’t even know if they “have” to let me finish.. gosh I hope so.

::runs to school website to research this::


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