Meet some of my Fam!

I haven’t done much health & fitness related lately; I “ran” on Tuesday.. but it was more of a walk, run, explore kinda day. My friend’s knees were bothering her, and we went in a new area that we weren’t familiar with.. which was not wise. I plan on running Sunday morning..hopefully..somewhere. I am going over to our new house so I need to find a trail before I go over there..

_____               _________________        ________________     _______________

I love Thursdays. It usually means there is only one day till the weekend.. It means Bones is on & it means Grey’s Anatomy  is on.. Sadly tonight is a re-run on Grey’s. But it is a new Bones!

But tonight was an extra special Thursday!! My sister came down & brought my niece and nephew! All day I was anticipating this. I seriously was so antsy  to get out of work!

I made dinner, chicken & yellow rice. I looove Chicken & Yellow Rice. It’s super easy & super tasty!! Mm mm mm! My niece & nephew also like it, so that’s a bonus!  It was really good to catch up with my sister, I don’t get to see any of my sisters very often; hardly at all really.  We took my doggies for a walk, which was quite hilarious. Aidyn was in his stroller but he really wanted to walk Diva. I wish I had my camera, he was so cute. After our walk we came back to the house & had dessert, which was Popsicles..ha ha =)

 Sissy & Bubba.  Aidyn is so cute he says “Sissy! Where’s Sissy!? Sissy!”  It’s the cutest thing ever!!

Aidyn was upset because my sister took his popsicle away. He punished himself by taking himself to the dog crates! haha ha!

Not a good pictures, but this is our Pittie Wyatt.. He is not a big fan of kids, but he did really well w/ Kailyn & Aidyn today. He is not aggressive towards them, but he is scared of them.  I don’t know what happened but all of the sudden the last time the kids came over he didn’t want to be anywhere near them?

We never left the kids & Wyatt unattended, so they didn’t do anything to him.. I think it has to do w/ our neighbor kids. They are always running at him when I take the dogs out  & they are always screaming and loud. I don’t think he really likes it.

Awww I’m such a sweet baby! Give me a treat!

I’m DIVA! & boy am I a diva! I boss my brother Wyatt around; i’m the boss around the house, trust me. I love to chew on everything.. especially socks & mom and dad’s bed comforter. So far i’ve chewed 3 of the 4 corners off. I’m so sweet! I love to be held & give kisses. I also love kids! I’m a sweet sweet baby!

Well that is all for tonight.


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