Cypress Gdns Run for the Cure 10k- Race Report!

I raced in my first 10k today! I had a good time. I got up at 4:45, ate some cereal- note to self: don’t eat cereal before a race. Uh milk and running.. should have been a no brainer, right? 

I got to the race site around 6:15 to pick up my packet and get my time chip. It wasn’t a big race so there wasn’t a long line for packets or chips. I met up with my friend and we just hung around till race time @ 7am.

The gun went off and so did I. We ran around downtown Winter Haven first, then we looped back around and got on the bike trail that runs through town (the same trail that I saw some kids w/ a gun on a few months back). 

I felt pretty good for the whole race. My shins didn’t bother me at all, and I was thankful for that. They’ve been bothering me around miles 1 & 2. 

I set three goals for this race. Come in under 1:00:00, come in under 55:00, come in under 50:00 . I met two of my three goals.  My chip time was 52:05!!!! I was ecstatic! That is about 6 minutes faster than any of my training 6mi runs!! 

I got 2nd in my AG, which they classified as 19-29, that is a huge age range! All the races I’ve run in have been 25-29, which is what i was expecting. I think had it been broken down like that I would have been 1st, the girl that came in 1st appeared to be quite a few years younger then me, and i’m 25. But HEY! I’m SUPER stoked for the 2nd in my AG! I’m not sure if our times will be posted anywhere, but last year’s are so i’m going to keep checking for the rest of my stats. I’m curious as to what over all place I came in.  Mitzi from    said she saw me run by and I was in the top 10 or 15, which is SUPER exciting! I think there were maybe 100 runners or so, not a big race. 

Here is a break down of my miles:

1- 8:17
2- 8:21
3- 8:19
4- 8:25
5- 8:26
6- 8:25

My only complaint about the whole race was the “water station”… which was at the turn around point… I don’t generally drink water on runs less then 6 mi, but i was looking forward to some at the turn around.. except the water was sitting on the ground in tiny cups.. uhm? i just kept running. I didn’t want to stop bend down … maybe I’m lazy, but I didn’t want to break my pace that much.. oh well. 

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