Happy Easter!

I started my morning w/ a 630am phone call from my brother in law telling me that Chris’ grandmother was in the Emergency Room. She woke up at 4am unable to breath. They called 911. By 7am she was sedated and intubated.  By 12pm she was still sedated, intubated, and admitted to ICU. I still really am not totally sure what is going on with her. The dr’s & nurses have been totally uncommunicative with Chris’ family. I don’t think they’ve even seen a dr and we are going on 12hrs here. All they know, and they only know this because one of Chris’ uncles works @ the hospital and he corned the Dr. and asked what was going on, she has fluid on/in/around, whatever her lungs; and she has some kind of respiratory infection. Other then that we have no idea what is going on. We do know she will be in ICU for several days, and she will continue to be intubated. Ugh. Very annoying. Completely different experience then when my own grandmother was in the hospital 2 weeks ago from a massive heart attack. The doctors were very attentive, the nursing staff was excellent and kept us up to date very well…. it might help that my sisters works in the ER & my uncle might have something to do w/ the board at the hospital. But still, I can’t believe how uninformed they are keeping his family. Every time his family asks they give them very little information. I understand that they might not know exactly what is going on, but geesh, you can’t atleast come out and tell his family that you don’t know what is causing the problem, but that they are running this test and this test to determine the problem?!  —- I’ve also worked in a very busy ER and I know how important communication between staff & families are. This hospital seems to be lacking.

Otherwise Easter has been nice. I didn’t go to church, I was at the hospital. I did get to go to lunch at my Aunt & Uncles house, so that was really nice. I ate WAY to much, but it was SOOOO good.

My dogs are driving me insane. They aren’t listening and they are just being bad. ugh.

I have no work out related news. I didn’t run today &  I didn’t do the CardioMax DVD- I had no plans to. I had planned on spending most of my day with my family.

I did make my menu for the week though, I decided I have to get back into this habit. It helps me to eat better, and be less stressed about what we are going to have for dinner. I hate deciding at the last minute before I get off work what Im going to make when I get home.

Tonight:   Goulash – essentially this is just spaghetti with elbow noodles.
Monday:  Probably left over Goulash
Tuesday : Garlic Clove Chicken
Wednesday: Pulled Pork w/ Sweet Potatoes
Thurs: Green Pepper Chicken.

Friday & Saturday I will just have whatever. Chris will be out of town….again.


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