I seriously need to run…

or i’m going to go apeshit on someone very soon! I haven’t run since my half on Sunday- not because I don’t want to. I’m effing dying to run. I simply have not had a spare second.

Monday, got off at 330p, came home, let the dogs out, headed to Clermont to see my grandma in the hospital. Got home around 10p.

Tuesday- work from 8a-7p… our new receptionist called and left a message on our work voice mail, she isn’t coming back in…. then our 2nd receptionist walks out in the middle of the day- this leaves us with 0 receptionists. Which leaves 6 days, at 10.5 hr days to be covered by the office manager and I – fun.

Wed- …supposed to be off… but said receptionists quit and now I am working 8a-7p. .. joy.

I thought about joining the gym. … but we are moving in 3 months and the gym I would join here isn’t over there. The nearest one is 40+ miles..wrong. i’m not driving that.

I just SOOOOO frustrated. I feel like I can’t win. I am SO far behind in school. I’m “supposed” to be done in August. I’m on class 4 of 12. Uhhh that math doesn’t add up.

I’m exhausted. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel ; when we move; but i’m drowning in the darkness, i can’t even see the light.

Thankfully I get off at 5 on Thursday & Friday. I plan on running both days, and I work 830a- 7p again on Saturday.

I have a 7miler planned on Sunday….

then next week is more of the same bullshit. Closing 3 days. ugh. i’m tired.


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