First Half-Marathon Report- LONGGG!!!!

Let me start this blog out by talking about my Grandma Bonnie- She had not one, but two heart attacks yesterday afternoon/evening. Thoughts & Prayers to my Grandma & My family please. She is in ICU and is doing okay. — I’ll go into more detail about this in my race report, since it happened while we were actually driving over to the West Coast FL for my race-

My mom & I left my house around 1ish to head to St. Pete to check into our hotel. On the way down there my G-ma calls my mom and tells her she is not feeling well, my mom says, go to bed.    30 minutes later my uncle calls my mom and says G-ma is checking into the hospital w/ SOB, Chest pain & L arm pain…..  about an hour or so later, after we’ve checked in & gone to the race site & about 40 phone calls between my sister who works in the ER , and my uncle we find out she had a heart attack….. so my mom and I go back to the hotel to get my moms stuff; she is going back home to be w/ my grandmother. Now I don’t know what to do, i really want to race on Sunday, but geez my Grandma just had a heart attack- from what my sister was saying the heart attack was very minor, they weren’t going to take her to the cath-lab until Monday. So i decided I would take my mom home, call my friend and see if she would ride back down w/ me (it’s a 2 hr drive from my house to St. Pete) … She agrees. So about 3 hrs later (7pm) , JUST AS SOON AS WE PULLED INTO MY DRIVEWAY, my sister calls my mom hysterical that my g-ma was having another heart attack.. so now i’m really freaking out, i dont know what to do, but my stuff is at the hotel in st. pete so I have to go back down there sometime. .. my friend shows up, we drive an hour in the opposite direction of St. Pete to go to the hospital so I can see my g-ma.. I see her, she looks okay, I feel better and we head out.. We arrive at almost midnight- and we have to get up at 4:45. JOY.

I didn’t sleep.

4:45am.. roll my ass out of bed. eat some toast w/ nutella & a banana, drink a little water.
6:00 show up at the race. My friend decided she would register for the 5k. we got her registered, got our timing chips then ran back to the car, the wind was blowin 90mph..
7:05 gun time.

i’m exhuasted. I drove almost 400 miles yesterday, i had no sleep , and i’m just mentally exhuasted. I thought for sure my race would suck. My legs started hurting around mile 2.. GREAT.

it was really uneventful. I just tried really hard to focus on my breathing and not the fact that i was so freaking exhausted. . .

I got to mile 6 in a little under an hour, this made me happy.

Mile 7.5 there was water on both sides of us and I could see the Sunshine Skyway, which is a beautiful bridge! It was breathtaking, and i’m so geeky I got a little teary.  Then it started raining and the wind picked up and it was ridiculous. I could wait to get through this mile to get back inbetween the trees so the wind wouldn’t be so bad.

Miles 8-11 were uneventful. I ate an orange & I HATE oranges, but I was dying.. i remembered why I hate oranges, i spent the next mile picking pulp outta my teeth, uh ew.

Mile 12 damn near killed me. I was SO over it. I wanted to be done so badly, and I was getting so close to 2hrs I wasn’t sure I’d make my goal.

Finally at 1:58 I crossed the finish lines, hands in the air screaming the whole way.  Then I found my friend and we jumped up and down and screamed some more.. Then she told me she placed in her age group (her very first race ever) then we screamed and hugged and jumped up and down some more. HA HA HA! It was very dramatic!

Over all the course was great, it is a beautiful course, Ft. Desoto was named one of the top beaches in 2009. It was really flat, and everything was really well organized.

They had hot pasta, cookies, bread, pretzels, danishes, coke, water galore, gatorade & beer after the race. . It really was great. We got our chairs outta the car and just chilled out for a while.

I had a strong race, I was proud to finish in under 2 hrs as tired as I was. I really didn’t know If I was going to make it.

Here is my splits:

1 – 9:06
2 – 8:52
3 – 8:51
4 – 8:56
5 – 9:15
6 – 8:59
7 – 8:45
8 – 8:47
9 – 8:58
10 – 8:59
11 – 9:01
12 – 8:57
13 – 8:52

WHEW. I’m planning on registering for the Womens Half in St Pete on Nov 21st. WooHooo!!

Oh, here is my freakin’ awesome medal! This is the whole reason I signed up for this half. I LOOOOVEEE starfish. Its a sick obsession. Obviously I ran 13 miles to get a starfish medal, that = crazy.

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