Slacker, with a capital S

I have been so ridiculous this week. I ran one day, a whopping 4 miles. Wow. This week was a taper week since my half-marathon is on Sunday. I was supposed to run 4 mi Tuesday; instead I bought beer , came home and drank w/ my H. Wednesday was supposed to be 3 mi.. I did 4 with a friend. Today was supposed to be 2mi.. I worked till 7pm- came home, ate a huge bowl of cereal, took a shower, now i’m sitting on the couch;icing my knees (they’ve been bothering me the last 2 days.ugh)  waiting for Grey’s to start! YES!  Tomorrow isn’t going to be any better, I work till 5, then a friend and I are hanging out. Saturday we are headed to St. Pete and Sunday is my race.

I am going to try very hard next week to get back to running on a more regular running schedule- not sure how my legs will be feeling after my race, we’ll see.


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