What day is it?

Today is my treasured day off! I’m pretty happy about it. Last week was a really long week, and I was glad for it to be over. This week doesn’t really promise to be that much better, except I’m only working the normal 5 days instead of 6. Yay!  

Today I had a 10miler planned. I got up at 6 and ate breakfast, fed the dogs and got ready to go out. I had to check online to see when sunrise was since the time changed. I wasn’t sure what time it would be light enough to run by myself. I headed out at 7:15 and got to the trail at 8a. I wasn’t really thrilled to be running by myself for 10mi, not because I don’t feel safe, but because I don’t have a hydration belt, and I don’t have a hand held water bottle. The trail I run on only has one trail station and that’s at mile 2.. which leaves a lot more miles w/o water.

Over all my run was alright. Nothing to brag about. I started out slow, I’ve learned from recent runs that my first 2-2.5 miles really suck if I start out to hard. My shins burn and my quads throb. I guess I just have to get warmed up. I wanted to run at a sub 9 pace but that wasn’t working out in my favor today. I was able to run at a sub 10 pace, and then i was just trying to keep it under a 9:30. I set out to finish in under 1:40.. I did my 11mi last week in 1:40 . but last weekend i was just having a fantastic run.

so here are my splits:

1- 10:22
2- 10:13
3- 9:16
4- 9:01
5- 9:06
6- 9:37
7- 9:11
8- 9:54
9- 9:46
10- 9:31

Oh, and I also wore my HRM for the 2nd time ever- My max HR was 181 WHAT!? geesh. My avg HR was 167- honestly i have no idea what it should be?! Anyone? Anyone?  181 seems pretty high. I’ll admit I struggled through this run. I could not get my breathing under control, i was struggling to get it regulated. ugh. 

I bought some socks from wal-mart that said they were for athletics. wrong! … they were breathable, but that’s about all they were. My feet were sliding around in my shoes, and there was no extra cushioning.boo. After my run I went to our local running store, Fit Niche, uh, it was only 10am. They were open. I was seriously confused about what day it was. Working on Saturday’s completely messes me up. I couldn’t sit in the parking lot for 2 hrs so I turned around and went home. I guess I’ll try to find time to go during the week, or if I have to I’ll go to Dicks, but I need new socks! Pronto! 


In Non running news I gave the dogs a bath today. Uh, they were less then thrilled. Wyatt is no dummy. He knows when I call him into the bedroom something “bad” is about to happen. He hates the bath. I had to pick is 60lb Pittie butt up and carry him into the bed room. Then I had to pick him up again and carry him and literally put him in the tub. He is serious about hating the bath. … then that jerk jumped out of the tub all shampooed up!!!! and then i proceeded to pick him up, AGAIN, and put him BACK in the tub so I could rinse him off. Give me a break. 

Diva was slightly easier, she is only 15lbs and she will gladly come in the bedroom- but then I shut the doors and she wasn’t going any further towards the bathroom. ha ha!! She is much easier to pick up and carry to the tub. But she acts like you are murdering her the whole time she is in the bath; but they seriously were needing some baths. Next up is flea-treatments. 

I’ve also been cleaning the house, it looked like a tornado went through here. Last week didn’t leave me much time to clean. Sometime today I need to take my final for my Pharm class. I can’t wait to be done w/ that class! 


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