what a slacker.

I’ve really slacked on blogging this week. I have been super busy at work and then when I get home I am trying to get some school done.

I decided for the last 2 weeks before my half-marathon I would look at a training plan to see what I should be running. I wasn’t sure what kind of mileage I should be putting in. So this week:

Monday: was a rest day, which worked out because I had to work till 7pm.
Tuesday: supposed to be a 5mi run, i was having a horrible time so i changed it to 3.
Wed: supposed to be the 3 miles, but I did 5.
Thurs: was supposed to be 5, but it was pouring when i got off- plan on doing it Friday.
Friday- still raining.
Saturday- I work 830a-7p
Sunday- 10 miler planned. There is nothing stopping me so far.

I have really been trying to eat better. I have been taking apples, carrots yogurt, bananas for snacks at work. I also just discovered hummus. uhm yummy! Delish! I need some hummus recipes. I really don’t know what to eat it with. I got a little hummus/pretzel snack yesterday, and then today i ate it with some wheat thins. =) yum.


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