announcements, annouuuunnnnnceeemmeenttsss!!!!! Did you ever go to camp and hear that little song?! I did.. but anyways, that’s besides the point.

First things first:::: Today I ran 11 miles.  Chris & I got up at 6:30a so we could be out and on the trail by 8… we got there at 8:15, close enough. It was about 40 when we left the house, 47 when we got to the trail. I started out wearing tights, but took them off before we left the truck. I was afraid I’d get to hot.

Chris gave me a lil pep talk before we even left the house this morning. He said ” are you going to bitch the whole time or are you going to go out there and enjoy your run.. you really shouldn’t bitch because you are able to go outside and you are able to run. So you should just enjoy your run no matter what”  — Well okay then, I guess i’ll enjoy my run. & did I ever.

My first 2 miles were at a pretty slow pace, 9:50 & 9:56. I was a little hesitant to try and run any faster. I’ve never ran 11 miles, so I wasn’t sure how hard I should push; and if I pushed if i’d be able to make it through my entire run. … I just got into a zone and I was off.

Here is the break down.

1. 9:56
2. 9:50
3. 9:43
4. 8:54
5. 8:35
6. 8:35
7. 8:36
8. 8:41
9. 8:47
10. 9:43
11. 8:44

I am sore. My legs aren’t sore, my butt is sore. weird. Tomorrow should be interesting. My BFF & I are volunteering at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Then after the race we are spending the rest of the day at the Disney Parks…. not sure how much walking around i’m going to be able to do. Hoping i’ll be fine, i need to do something tomorrow. I know I won’t be able to run, so hopefully all that walking will stretch me out.

So my week went like this.

Monday: 3 mi
Tuesday : Cardio home work out
Wed: uhm, what did I do wed… oh 5 mi
Thurs:  about 10 min of 30 DS, got irritated w/ Jillian Michaels and turned it off.
Fri: Rest… and I worked 730a-7p
Saturday 11mi run
Sunday- walking around Disney.


I decided today that I am going to run my first full marathon (26.2 miles, Mom) in January 2011. January 30th to be exact…….— So Shelly, if you still live in MIA in Jan, uh , i’ll be crashing at your place =)

I am also planning on running The Disney Princess Half Marathon 2011 with my BFF…

I have another race planned in Nov 2010.. I can’t think of what its called right now. That’s sad. Gonna have to do some research on that one.

G’nite. I have to get up in a few hrs. I need to go to bed.


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