I had plans for a great 6mi run today. Ruined.

My day at work was fine, until 4:15.. and then it took a turn for the worse, 45 minutes before I was going to be leaving.

. I am not going to go into detail about the events that took place, but I am very very angry. I am a loyal employee… that is all I will say about that. I am thinking about other alternatives; in reality I doubt very seriously that I would ever leave before the house is done, for some reason my loyalty runs deep, and I wouldn’t want to leave them with out anyone. I question myself sometimes.
The weather was ridiculous. I looked at this morning and it said it was going to be windy between 12p-3p…. well it was still blowing like crazy at 5:15 when we went running after work.

The wind & work made my run horrible. I couldn’t get work off my mind, i was just fuming the whole time. Usually I can run my stress out; not today. I doubt i’ll sleep very well tonight either.

What I wanted to be a 6mi run, turned into a 5mi run. Oh well. We did find some hills, so that made the run a little more challenging. But it was at a really slow pace. I didn’t care I guess. My plans were to run ahead on my own, but for some reason I just didn’t want to leave my friend; I guess I wanted the company.. but we both wore headphones so its not like we were talking or anything.

Tomorrow I have a 4miler planned. Hoping for a good, solid run.

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