This week has been ridiculously unproductive. I have had absolutely no time to run. Monday I did 2 miles on my lunch break, but it was pretty hot out (70’s), and I still had to return to work. I was working until 7p, and I didn’t feel like stinking the rest of the day, so I cut it short and went back to work to clean up and cool off.

Tuesday I thought I was going to run.. I got .77mi before I got a frantic phone call from my ofc mgr, so I headed back to the ofc to fix the problem and that was the end of that run.  Today is Wednesday, I worked from 830a- 7p, today was rainy and muggy, no lunch time run. I have to take a test tonight for school, therefore I have no time to do any kind of on-demand workout.

I’m hoping tomorrow is going to be more productive. I get off at 4, and have a hair appt @ 6.. I’m hoping to get a run in right after work.. crossing fingers for that one.

I’m slightly nervous about Gasparilla, with my lack of running this week i’m not feeling very prepared. It doesn’t matter now, I can’t turn back the clocks, so I just have to do as best as I can.


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