6 miles of suck.

Exactly what the title says. Today’s run was 6 miles of big fat suck. I wanted to try out some speed work today. I don’t do any speed work in any of my runs. I just run at whatever pace is most comfortable me. So I started out with 1mi warm up at about a 10:00 pace.. Then I took off… I guess I took off to hard to fast. I did about a 6:30 pace for about .3 miles….  and then my whole run was crap after that.

I think it is a combination of things:
I’m exhausted. I’ve been working hours I’m not accustomed to at work, I’ve been sleeping like crap. My tummy felt all bloated and gassy the whole run, I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, or this morning before my run. Or maybe I’m just making excuses and I really just sucked today. blah.

I totally psyched my self out. My mind kept saying I can’t do 6 miles, I can’t even do 6 miles today.. I started out wanting to do 7 or 8mi. Then my mind just took over and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even run the whole thing. I never walk during my runs.. I haven’t walked in a run in probably 4 months. I couldn’t even finish my run, running. I had to walk the last stretch back.

I am/was so disappointed in my self. I know that not every run can be a good run. I just had to keep telling myself, and Chris had to tell me, “at least I got outside, and I did 6 miles, even if I didn’t run the whole thing. But Gasparilla is getting closer and I think I’m starting to get worried. Psyching myself out again. I am also worried because I know what my work schedule is like next week and It doesn’t leave a lot of time for me to get in some runs. =(

Eating has been ridiculous lately. I don’t feel like I’m staying on track at all, but I know I’m not eating all that badly; just not as good I could be. I guess my lack of time is having an effect on my eating as well. I’m just feeling really over whelmed, once again, with work. Ugh.

Today I had cereal for breakfast, and egg sandwich for lunch, toast for a snack, and we haven’t had dinner yet, and I have no idea what we are going to have. It’s already 730. I’m not hungry and honestly I don’t feel like making anything.    Once again I had a ridiculous headache today. When we got home from running I laid on the couch for a few hours. These headaches are getting old.

I am going to start 30 Day Shred again. I’m not getting in enough running, and I hate days when I don’t get any kind of work out in. I really don’t like to many of the other on-demand work outs. So 30 Day Shred it is.


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