11 days!

…until Gasparilla!

     This confirms that you are registered for one of the 2010 Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend Events. Included below is the information as it will appear on your assigned runner bib number: 
Bib #: 1552
Event Entered: 15K
Age: 25
Sex: F
Name: Jena 
YAYY so exciting! I got that e-mail yesterday! I’ve never run in a big race like this before! Only small local races. Very very excited! 
I am worried though. My sister is supposed to be running the 15k as well, but she hurt her hip sometime last week. She is taking this week off, and hopefully will start back slowly next week…and HOPEFULLLLYYYYYY run Gasparilla! 
Today I had a good run, 3mi.  I didn’t want to do anything to long because I haven’t run or done much of anything since last Thursday. I did a little cross training last night, but nothing to brag about. Tomorrow I have a long run planned. I’m really really hoping for 9mi… I have to run around the lake tomorrow, so i’m not sure how that is going to go, that is alot of laps around the lake.. not as many laps as you ladies that are running around a track at the gym. props to ya’ll, that sucks. 
I am sort of getting nervous about my Half-Marathon on March 21st. My longest run to date is 10mi, and that was quite a few weeks ago. I’m just getting nervous that I won’t have enough time to build up my mileage, and be comfortable enough. I’m already registered, and paid, so I’m obviously going to do it, i’m just going to have to train hard, and be confident! 
Breakfast: honey bunches of oats w/ 1% milk
Lunch: left over shepherds pie
Dinner: honey bunches of oats again.. I’m on a serious cereal kick. I didn’t make dinner, so Chris had leftovers.  

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