oh wal-mart. I hate you.

I think I am a freak of nature because I actually do not mind grocery shopping. I enjoy going through cook books, or cooking blogs and finding new recipes. I enjoy going through the aisles of food, and finding whatever miscellaneous ingredients I am looking for.

Today was an exception. Today sucked. I always do my shopping on Sundays, its the day I have the most time. I hate going to the grocery store after work for more then 1 or 2 things. I generally go to Wal-mart for most of my things, and I go to Publix for beef.. I can’t buy beef from Wal-mart. I don’t know why, but it freaks me out.

So I went to wal-mart today & so did everyone else in this county. Ugh. The actual shopping part wasn’t that bad, but the standing in line to check out was ridiculous. I stood in like for 40 minutes. Uhm what?! 40 minutes! Ridiculous!

I went to Winn Dixie to get cereal..that is a whole other story in it self. They had Post, Honey Bunches of Oats, buy one get one free. I can’t buy cereal if I can’t get it BOGO. It is stupid to me to pay $4 a box , and it’s the little boxes. I feel much better if I can get 4 boxes for the price of 2… and apparently I really like cereal because we’ve gone through a lot in the last 2 or 3 weeks. Thankfully Publix has BOGO every week and so does Winn Dixie… I don’t buy the sugary kids cereal, I like Special K, or Honey Bunches of Oats.

Then I went to Publix to buy Potatoes, Bananas & Apples. .. Wal-marts potatoes are always half rotten when I buy them, and they are over priced so I don’t like to buy them from there. Publix usually has good potatoes. Wal-mart also never has ripe Bananas, they are almost always all the way green, gross. I like my bananas almost brown, mm. Publix has had riper bananas lately.

Wal-mart makes me want to kill someone, it makes me so aggravated, but it’s cheaper for most of the things I need. But today just made me wonder if going to wal-mart is worth the aggravation. I went to Publix and didn’t even wait in line. .. I am really trying to be more budget conscious and shopping at Wal-mart is one of the ways I can save money, but OMG the aggravation is horrible.

Today has been completely ridiculous for Health & Fitness. I woke up at 7:45 with a horrid headache. I got up, ate breakfast, and then laid back on the couch. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t had any coffee yet. .. So Chris made me some coffee. I couldn’t even drink it, it made me nauseous. I laid back on the couch and went to sleep for a few hours. Woke up, still had a headache. So I’ve mostly laid on the couch all day. I finally got off the couch, and I’ve been snacking ever since. Eck. Horrible. . I had a 9mi run planned today, but I just don’t think I could have done it. I plan on hopefully doing some circuit training in a little bit.


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