Today is a rest day. I had to work late so I chose to take today as a rest day, I also close on Friday, so I guess that will be a rest day to. Tomorrow I get off at 2pm so I plan on getting in a good run and some kind of work out when I get home.

I found a circuit workout online at it goes like this:

Upper Body

15-20 Push-Ups
15-20 Standing Rows
15-20 Overhead press with dumb bells
15-20 Pull overs with dumb bells

Lower Body

8-10 alternating forward lunges
15-20 dumb bell squats
15-20 rotation lunges
15-20 dead lifts

Core Exercises:

8-10 crab walks
30 sec Prone Plank
8-10 Cobras
15-20 Opposite Arm & Leg Raise.

What do you think? I am trying to incorporate some other exercises into my running. Like I posted yesterday I need to work on my hip strength. Tonight I did some push ups, and leg lifts from a standing position.

Breakfast: blueberry special K w/ 1% milk
Lunch: left over chicken & a hawaiian breeze smoothie from tropical smoothie
Snacks: string cheese, pretzels & bananas
Dinner: Special K cereal w/ 1% milk (lol, Chris is out w/ a friend for his friend’s b-day, and it was leftover night anyways).

Good night.


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