Married 365 days!

Today is our 1 yr anniversary!!! yay!! It’s been a great year, and it went super fast. I’ve always heard that the first year of marriage is the worst? I don’t think that is the case for us, maybe because we have been together for 5 years, and we’ve lived together practically the whole time…. not saying this is the correct thing to do, i’m just sayin’…

This entry will pretty much be anniversary related, not to much fitness related stuff. But i’ll start with what work out i was able to get in.  As soon as we checked into the hotel I went to the fitness room. I had let me knee rest pretty much all week and i was really wanting to get a run in. Originally we were going to go to Ft. Desoto and run on the trail, but it was cold and rather windy on Saturday. I knew the hotel had a fitness room so i decided I’d run it out on the treadmill… The fitness room was okay, never worked out in one before so I can’t compare. I was the only one in there so that was nice. I ran 4 miles and my time was 44:40.. which is super ridiculously slow, but i was nervous about me knee, and it was my first run on a treadmill..ever. (I know ladies from up north, i’m spoiled being able to run outdoors all year!) .. after my run I did 25 squats, 25 shoulder press, 20 R & L side plank, regular side plank & 10 push ups.  

Breakfast yesterday: Blueberry Special K with 1% milk 
Lunch : chicken burrito from chiptole w/ water
Dinner: Grilled Grouper w/ steamed broccoli from 


Anniversary stuff:

Saturday we spent most of the day driving around Tampa & Clearwater. We went to International Diamond center so I could get my ring Rhodium plated… i hadn’t had it done since the day before our wedding last year, it needed it! Now it looks so sparklyyy!!!!!

We checked into the hotel around 12 and then I went right to the fitness center.. Chris took a nap =)   He was very happy to take an uninterrupted nap. I always bother him when he takes naps at home.. hehe!

Then we went in search of Channelside, and a place to have dinner. Neither of us have spent time in downtown Tampa, that place is huge, and crazy. I would go nuts if I had to drive down there on a regular basis.. We found Channelside, and also discovered there was no where we wanted to eat.  As we were leaving I saw a sign that said BayShore Blvd so I said “OH BABE, GO THAT WAY, THAT’S WHERE GASPARILLA IS”.  So we went and drove down Bayshore for awhile, we looked at all the old houses; we were seriously like some tourists driving around , ha!   After three loops around DT Tampa we finally found our way out and back to 275, we headed south to find John’s Pass and to find something to eat.


We decided on for dinner! It was super good! It was really crowded and probably 90% of the people were 65 and up! Weird. But it was super good food. & I got a t-shirt.

Sunday we went to breakfast at Panera. Nothing special. just Panera. Then we headed to the FL Aquarium where we walked around and saw all the exhibits then we fed the sharks!

getting aprons on because we stuffed vitamins into dead fish & squid. Yum.

getting our harness’… yeah, we had to have harness’. lol. we also had to sign a waiver that said something about death. ha.

are we sure about this?
Chris feeding the zebra shark.
i just fed the sharks!

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