I really don’t have a title. Why do I have to have a title for every post?

I let me knee rest again today. I am really really really hoping to get a run in with a friend tomorrow. The strength training workout i did last night had me do planks; what I really don’t understand is how do I *count* planks? I don’t know, so i’ll just says I held my plank for 1min 20 seconds. I need to do some research on planks, so i can know what’s effective, and *how many* I should be doing to make them effective. I did side planks, I did 20 on each side… which consisted of dipping my hip down a few inches and lifting back up. I also did 10 push-ups… kinda puny. but whatever. I was going to try and do a dance workout, but I couldn’t do it with Chris sitting in the living room, it was to dorky. =) 

Breakfast: Honey bunches of oats w/ 1% milk

Lunch: uhm what did I have? Oh, Chicken Enchilada Chili. 

Snacks: banana, string cheese, & pretzels

Dinner: Meatloaf & zuchini, and squash. … Meatloaf is Chris’ favorite, he’s been such a good sport with all the new recipes, and all the new chicken (he’s not a huge chicken fan). i decided to make him his favorite meal this week. 

The zuchini & squash was so good. I diced them up, put some olive oil in a pan, put some salt on them and cooked them until tender. yum! 

Good night. Grey’s Anatomy is on!


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