Longest 5k ever.

Today Stacey and I ran in the Winter Haven Hospital Citrus Classic. The course was kind of rough on the knees; started out running on the road, then we had to run across a soccer field 2 or 3 times, and up an embankment. I am not used to running on anything other then road, and the combination of grass & road was not fun. After 2.5mi I kept thinking “how mad would I be at myself later if I just quit running and start walking”… i kept running. I PR’d with a time of 24:28, and according to dailymile.com , my pace was 7:38 

not good quality, it was taken on my sisters blackberry . i forgot my camera.


My right knee is bothering me quite a bit, i need to do some research and figure out what to do next. If i can just wrap it or if I should actually see a Dr.. Unfortunately I am the type that will procrastinate seeing the doctor…. i know what it’s going to cost me to get an MRI if needed, and that alone makes me not want to go. 

Today has been a complete failure for eating. 


Ham & Cheese Omelet
Whole Wheat Bread- plain

Lunch: … well we ate breakfast at like 1030ish so I kinda skipped lunch.. Does Coffee count?  after the race i came home took a shower, then took a lil’ nap.

Dinner: ugh… Fuddruckers. grilled chicken sandwich. and I ate some of Chris’ french fries…. then i came home and ate a bowl of icecream. OMG ridiculous.

I really want to run tomorrow but I don’t see that happening, not the way my knee is feeling. boo.


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