Into the double digits!

Today was my first double digit run. I ran 10.2 miles; whew it was kinda hard. The first 5 miles seemed SO slow to me, but in actuality I was running a 9 min mile.. but gosh it just seemed so slow. I forgot my Garmin so I couldn’t really tell where we were at until we saw the markings on the ground. (this trail has the mileage carved into the trail).. from 4 to 5.1 miles seemed to take the longest, i was getting very frustrated. I was ready to turn around, but I kept pushing because I wanted to get 10miles in today. We finally reached 5.1miles and I stopped, had a power gel (BLECH!!! it was tangerine , nasty)…The 5 miles back was tough as well. There was a strong wind pushing against me the whole time. It took me an hour to get back, and it was only a 45 min run the first 5mi. ugh. My right knee was really bothering me. I kept getting the feeling that it was going to give out at any second, so i kept slowing down my pace, and then speeding back up. I was so happy to see the truck =)  

All and all it was a good run. I mean it was my first 10mi run. My total mileage for the week was 27miles..which is by far the most miles i’ve run in one week. I’m also thinking this may be why my knees are also bothering me.

In other news: Our 1 year anniversary is in 2wks. Holy crap~


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