kiss that trail goodbye.

It’s been a few days since i’ve written. Hm, guess i’ve been pretty busy. So this week I am at a total of 17 miles . It’s been a pretty good week for running.

Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday  0..i closed at work.
Wednesday 6mi
Thurs 3 mi
Friday 5 mi.
Sat- I close at work.
Sun- I “plan” on getting 10miles in.

I think i’m well on my way to my half marathon in March.

Oh, I haven’t written on here since I registered.. So, the good news, I registered for the Florida Beach Halfathon in Ft. Desoto on March 21st. I’m pretty excited, nervous. 13.1 miles is a long way…but I think I can do it pretty well. =) I just have to keep up my running.

Today I went running on the trail I usually use during the week… so i’m running, minding my own business and i am coming up to a cross street, and there are kids sitting on the bench on the other side. Then one of the kids stands up and points a gun in my direction….yah, a gun. I don’t know what kind of gun, i’m no gun expert, but i’m thinking it was a BB gun or something. It was long (like a shotgun)… so for reasons I don’t understand i continued to run towards them…naive…not thinking they would hurt me? I don’t know… so i stared hard at the gun and said “Hey Ya’ll” to them.. they said “hey” back.. I just wanted to be friendly so they didn’t shoot me. I got past them and called Chris, then I took a left off the trail onto the next side street. I didn’t want to take a chance by running past them again. Chris said i should call the non-emergency line just to report the incident- even though I won’t be running on that trail again, other people do use it. Although I rarely see other runners on that trail during the week.  That was my excitement for today. I’m kind of angry about it. That was one of the few places that I can run in Winter Haven. Now I have to drive to Dundee when I get off work, which is a 20min drive..which doesn’t seem far, but when it gets dark at 6, and I get off at 5 every minute is kind of crucial when I want to get long runs in. Oh well. Better to be safe-obviously.


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