First 15k

Today’s plan was to run 7mi…. Chris and I got up and he took me to the Winter Haven/ Lake Alfred trail. The first 2 mi were torture. I couldn’t find a rhythm my pace was all over the place and i was thinking about giving in at 3. Then somewhere in that 3rd mile I found a good pace and it was on. We didn’t use the whole trail because then we would have to cross Havendale and we didn’t feel like dealing with the traffic. So we had to do several out and backs on the trail. So at the end of the trail i was about 6.something and he says, well lets just go out till you get to 7mi, and then we’ll walk back the last mile… So we go out, we hit 7, we turn around and by time we get back to the turn around i’m at 8.5…. so i was like WTH lets just get 9mi in today… So we turned around and headed back down the trail for another 1.3 miles to get the full 15k in. I was VERY pleased with my time.

I told Chris that when I registered for Gasparila they ask you what you think your finish time will be.. I put 1:30… that means i have to run a 10min mi…. Which I know I can do.. During my 5ks i usually run 8.something miles…but thats only 3.2 miles.. So today I finished in 1:29:07, and my pace was 9:34

My miles looked like this: (I just remembered I set my watch to record every mile what my pace was-SCORE!!-:
(1)  9:31
(2) 9:41
(3) 9:5
(4) 10:35
(5) 9:11
(6) 9:14
(7) 9:47
(8) 9:16
(9) 9:06

Now i’m debating whether or not to go take a icy bath. My legs are feelin’ sore. Ugh the thought makes me shiver. Maybe i’ll just take some aleeve and take a hot shower.


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