c’mon weekend!

Nothing to exciting to report on for yesterday. I did manage to get 4.5miles in. I wanted to get 5, but for some reason i was just over it at 4.5 – I was with a friend and she was a trooper and while we didn’t run together she stuck it out and went around the lake till I was done. It was getting pretty dark and there were some “creepers” fishing and i didn’t really want to be there to much after dark so we called it a night & headed out. I am however very glad to have got that 4.5 miles in! I was feeling good. My legs were a little heavy but I got over it..

I really have to focus on my pace. I’m all over the place. I set my pace beeper thing on my Garmin so that when i get over or under it will let me know… We’ll see if I set it right. I am all over the place. from 8:30 – 9:50…I don’t notice it until I look at my watch … I don’t want to go out to fast at Gasparila and get worn out to fast, so i really need to work on my pace.

Tomorrow I am going to get a good long run in. I love the weekends. Obviously, like most people, I look forward to them all week; possibly for other reasons then some. I can’t wait to get my long run it. It’s just a huge relief to be out on the trail just going and going. Awww, what a great feeling!

Today I work 830a- 7p… These kind of days kill me. No time to run and on days like today I need it the most. Whew. Wish me luck! Have a good day everyone!


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