Delish Chili.

It was so freezing cold on Saturday so I decided to try my second attempt of chili. My first attempt was not so successful. This one was delish. I used half of a recipe from a cookbook & then i just threw some other stuff in there and it was delish::

2lbs cooked hamburger
turkey sausage- one package  (the actual recipe called for 1lb bacon- no freakin’ way!)
(2) 10oz cans of kidney beans – drained
can of baked beans- (I used country style baked beans) I semi drained them.
3 TBSP brown sugar
ketchup- i didn’t measure it out i just put some in there
cayenne pepper
frozen corn, probably 2 cups or so.. .i’m horrible at measuring stuff out. i just cut open the bag and dump some in. 
onion chopped
chili seasoning- mccormick

1. brown hamburger- I seasoned with cayenne pepper while  the meat was cooking. Drain meat and put in crockpot.

2. add the kidney beans & baked beans. I drained both beans. I didn’t want all that excess. maybe i’m just weird.

3. add ketchup & brown sugar

4. add corn & onion

5. add mccormick chili season – i only used about half, maybe less of the pack, I didn’t want it to be over seasoned.

Cook 6-7hrs on low


It had a little bit of a spicy flavor, and it had a sweet flavor. Chris said this was a great recipe. Great chili! much more successful then my first chili.


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