Distance, Not speed.

Thursday was a ridiculous, horrible, chaotic work day. I’ll spare the details but it was ridiculous. Thankfully I only worked 830a- 330p! I decided when I got off work i was running 7 miles if it killed me. I had to relieve some stress, i was so tense, and just on edge. I needed to let off some steam.

I ran on a new trail that H & I found. It’s a nice trail, and I feel safe by myself on it. Usually H doesn’t like me to run long distance by myself, especially on a somewhat secluded trail. Thursday I won the battle, I went.

All in all it was a good run. It was my first 7 mi, so it was kind of tough, but I powered through. My thighs started to tighten up but they loosened up. I only had to stop for crosswalks, and to change playlists on my i-pod (i’m not so good at multitasking while trying to run).


I started out running to my newest play list:

Drop it Low- Ester Dean
Blame it – Jamie Foxx
Whatcha Say – Jason Derullo
Empire State of mind- Jay Z
Need you now- Lady Antebellum
Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
How Low- Ludacris
Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus
Becky – Plies
Medicine – Plies
Rude Boy – Rihanna
The way I are – Timbaland
5 Star- Gotti

Then I decided this wasn’t working for me. It was to upbeat. I wasn’t trying to run fast, just a steady pace, and that music wasn’t helping me relieve any stress- It was getting me all worked up. So I changed it up to some Kenny Chesney. I love love love some Kenny. He has great caribbean music, aww, makes me relax!

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