work-out FAIL!

..and its all Brighthouse fault! Yesterday morning our internet was out. I tried to get online before I left for work and couldn’t. At first I attributed it to my super moody computer.. Then after I had rebooted it 3 times i figured it probably wasn’t the computer’s fault. I looked at our modem thing for BH and only one of the lights was lit up.. I didn’t try the phone or the cable- wasn’t thinking that far ahead so early in the morning! Fast Forward to 7pm last night- I’m getting off work and trying to call Chris at home- the phone call won’t go through. I call BH… the idiot lady tells me she can’t do anything unless i’m at home? So you mean to tell me you can’t check to see if there is an outage in our area unless i’m at home… IDIOT. i really dislike BH.   Chris calls me from his cell phone and says everything is out. cable,internet,phone.. I call BH back… next, smarter, lady tells me. Oh yes there is an outage and they are working on it…..which i see as i pull into our road bc there are 2 BH trucks sitting there…. So I couldn’t do my on-demand workouts bc the stupid cable wasn’t working. FAIL! instead we watched Ghosts of Girlfriend’s past w/ Matthew Mcconaughy. Pretty cute movie.

In other news I am so sick of this cold. I mean c’mon. I only have so many sweatshirts, and i’m sure the people at work are sick of seeing the same three that I have in rotation. It’s to cold in the office to not where a hoodie all day & scrub pants are exactly warm. I spend the majority of my day freezin my tail off! It’s quite miserable.

Today I am going to run. I get off at 3:30, Chris & I meet w/ the bank at 5, so I can get a good long run in. Hallelujah!


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