Jennie-O Smoked Turkey

soo it’s probably not the most “healthy” selection of turkey I could have chosen, but it sure was easy and tasty. I have been searching for healthier “meat”. I decided we would try out some turkey. So I saw this turkey thing at wal-mart last week while i was grocery shopping. It was two pre-seasoned turkey breasts. They were Applewood bacon seasoned or something like that. All we had to do was cut open the package, put them in a baking dish and in the oven they go. This worked out perfect for tonight. I had to work until 7 tonight so this was very easy for Chris to prepare. We had some cream corn to go with it.. again- i realize this was not the healthiest of meals..but that’s what we had.

Now I am about to go do Day 8 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

**I’m still thinking hardcore about the 3 day to the cure 60 mile walk.** Talked..well sort of..thru e-mail… to a girl who is on a team that is doing the walk. Possibly joining up with that team. Still going to the meeting Monday night in Lakeland to get more info on the walk. But I really am excited about it. I think i can try enough by October to complete 60 miles. =)


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