Hello 2010!!

2010 is here. It’s a new year full of changes and new things. 

This year will be full of running for me: I have three running goals for 2010:  

1. Run 1000 miles = about 20mi/wk. 
2. Run a race every month
3. Run at least 1 half-marathon

I also have some cooking goals for this year: Finding new things to cook seems to be a challenge. I have a few cook books, and unlimited access to the internet, and food blogs galore.. Food goals:

1. Make a new dish once a week
2. Use the crock pot at least once a week.
3. Eat less beef
4. Eat more chicken & turkey (Chris doesn’t LOVE chicken, so finding chicken dishes that he loves is going    to be a challenge in itself)

This year is going to be full of challenges. I’m excited to go further with running. I’m excited to cook new things. Ready! Set! Gooooo!!!!


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