2009 in Review.

I saw this on someone else blog and I’m totally stealing the idea! This is my year in review- pictures and everything =)

January 2009- I lied. I don’t have any pictures for January. I can barely remember January. I know it was busy busy busy with wedding stuff. We were finishing up the final touches for our Feb 7 wedding. Oh, I have some pictures… My bachelorette party was in January. My sister Stacey threw it for me. We went to Houlihans for dinner (I don’t recommed it. The service was slow, and the food was half assed for how expensive it was)

February 2009- Our wedding of course. Amazing day! We got married at Sand Key Park in Clearwater Florida. The week before our wedding was “Freezing” by Florida standards. I was a little worried that we would be cold standing out on the beach on our wedding day. The weather turned out to be perfect! It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear, the water was calm. It was amazing! We could not have asked for a better day!

 March 2009: Ohh March. In March we went to Georgia a few times to visit our friends Kelly & Casey.. We liked it to much we thought about moving. We looked at rental houses, and looked for jobs. We were in GA the first wknd of March and it snowed, hard. The first snow they’d had in quite a few years. It was really fun, and pretty exciting. But really cold….We decided to stay in FL. Ha Ha Ha!

JK, the snow is not what made us decide to stay in FL. We went fishing one weekend over in Ft. Desoto- we were driving across the causeway and we just looked at each other and decided we couldn’t leave the beach. We are beach bums. We love the ocean & the beach. We were meant to Florida.

April 2009 : Hmm, April. What was exciting about April? Well, it was Kailyn’s 5th birthday. It was the 4 year anniversary of Chris’ breaking his ankle. We went on our 2nd “mini-moon” …. Due to the economy taking a crap and Chris’ job not being all that busy we weren’t able to go on our original honeymoon to Costa Rica. We stayed in Orlando at a hotel after our wedding. Then we took a few days off the week of our original honeymoon. We went camping on Shell Key in Ft Desoto, FL. It was actually really fun. The island has nothing on it. We loaded up our jon boat with everything that we thought we would need and headed to the island for a 3 day camping adventure. http://harneytoadsprincess.blogspot.com/2009/05/camping-at-shell-key-preserve.html (see that post for a recap of our adventure)

May 2009:  We fished alot in May. We went on our first fishing charter, and on the same day we drove to the other side of the state and fished the other coast. We clearly love to fish. http://harneytoadsprincess.blogspot.com/2009/05/for-love-of-fishing.html

My friend Sherry & I also started walking/jogging/bike riding this month to get ready for our July vacation. We also laid out every chance we got to work on our tans for vacation! =)

June 2009:  Aidyn turned 1!! Stacey turned 22!! & Chris turned 28!!!  It rained alot in June. We also got the newest edition to our family in June. Meet Wyatt!

July 2009: I changed my hair color from blonde to light brown to dark dark brown…  We went on a week long fishing trip in Englewood with some friends of ours. We had a great time. We stayed in a hotel right on the beach. We fished every day. We slept on the beach more then we did our hotel room- literally. We fished all night and slept very little during the day in our room. Sherry & I had sleeping on the beach down to a science by the end of the week. We knew exactly what to take to be “comfortable” staying on the beach all night. It was alot of fun!

August 2009:  I can’t think of anything about August. My Mom’s bday is in August- I won’t tell you how old she turned, she’ll kill me. My dad’s bday is in August, my step moms bday is in August, My step dad’s bday, and my Grandma Bonnie’s bday is in August.. That gets alot of b-days out of the way huh? I really can’t think of anything exciting about August.
September 2009:  In September we took Carly on her first fishing extravaganza for Labor Day Weekend! She also got married the next weekend! Exciting month!
October 2009:  This was a big month for me. I signed up, trained for, and completed my first 5k.  I ran in the Community In Pink 5k . My time was 31:07, which i was pretty pleased with considering it was my very first race.

November 2009:  I ran my second 5k. I ran in the Bartow Turkey Chase. It was alot of fun. I PR’d. My finish time was 26:30, and I placed first in my age group!

We also decided to start looking for a house to buy. The time is right for us. We encountered a set back, but we got it all cleared up and we are on the go for a house.

December 2009:  December was a busy month for us. We are still house hunting. We have some stuff in the works. I will update on that later when I have some more permanent information.

I also ran my 3rd 5k in December. I ran in the Santa Sprint 5k. It was a good race. It was cold. The course was in a shopping plaza, not my favorite, nothing to look at, and pretty boring, but all in all it was a good race. I PR’d, 25:40. I placed first in my age group.

I decided that I am going to start training for a 10k & a half-marathon. Happy New Year!

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