Embracing my scardey-catness.

I went running yesterday when I got off work at 5. I started out at Lake Silver in Winter Haven and then ran down First Street. I ran down first street to Ave K, hung a right on Ave K and ran back up 6th street towards downtown. I ran the trail through downtown back to my car. When I was passing the bus station a guy on a bike started to ride next to me. Normally this would scare me, it was dark, and i was by myself. Instead I embraced the opportunity and started a conversation with the guy. Starting with the weather, and how it was perfect for a run, not to hot, not to cold once you got moving. He said he rides his bike 15-20 miles a day (i’m going to guess that he is homeless, and stays in a shelter at night somewhere). He told me he used to be in the Marines and he used to run but old age got to him- he wasn’t really *that* old. It was pretty neat. — I am not the type of person that will strike up a conversation with someone I do not know. It is an awkward experience, what do you say? The quiet when the conversation runs out is just awkward, it’s just not something I do.

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