5k Santa Sprint.

“Let me win, but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt”- Special Olympics Oath

I don’t know why but the Special Olympics Oath really reaches out to me, and I really like it. Today I did a Santa Sprint 5k that was put on by a local running store and the Special Olympics of our county. It was really neat.

They did the Pledge of Allegiance before the race started. I haven’t said the Pledge since highschool, 6yrs ago, and even then I didn’t “appreciate” the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. I got kinda teary as we were saying it.  I mean, think of all our military men & women who serve to keep our country free, so that we can fly our flag, and have our Nation UNDER GOD. I think the Pledge is important. I appreciate it.

On to the race. A cold front came through last night so it was pretty chilly this morning, 44 when I got up. Yes, I know, that is not cold if you are reading this and you are from anywhere north of Florida. I know some of you raced in snow today, or couldn’t race because of the snow… I originally wore shorts & a long sleeve shirt but it was to cold for shorts. I went to the kohls next door to the running store and bought some Fila tights…not the best, but they got the job done.

I’ve been battling a cough for about 2 wks so I wasn’t sure how I would run. I only ran twice last week, 3 miles one day, and 1 mile another day. I ran a pretty steady pace. The whole entire race i was looking ahead at all the women ahead of me thinking “how many of them are in my age group?” “Who do I need to get ahead of”.. apparently i’m much more competitive then I thought.  At mile 2 a girl started to run by me, and she looked my age, so this really got my competitiveness flowing.. I sped up but then leveled back out. I finished in 25:40, which is a little faster then my previous 5k which was 26:30.

I plan to start upping my mileage and hopefully run a 10k in February.


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