Bartow Turkey Chase!

Today I ran my second 5k ever. It was a great run!! Registration was from 630- race time. Chris didn’t want to get there “to” early so we left around 6:15. I got up at 5. I ate some oatmeal, took care of the dogs and just did whatever around the house. We left at 6:15 and got to Bartow around 7ish. I was nervous, again. Not to sure why I get so nervous, I know no one really cares how i’m running or is watching me, besides Chris. It was a small race. Maybe 100 people.

My only complaint was the course was marked off in 1/2 mile increments… which is fine, but I couldn’t keep track, i couldn’t remember if it was the 3rd 1/2 or 4th 1/2.. it would have been better if it said 1/2, then 1 mile, 1.5, 2 miles, but no it was just 1/2 mile. Oh well.

I actually got to see Chris during this race, the last race I didn’t get to see him at all. He got a few pics of me.

and my finish! I was super excited he got a picture of me with the time clock! Awesome!
1st in my age group!!! Holla!!! This was so exciting! Chris & I were standing there watching the awards and they get to my age group 20-24 (i’m 3wks from being 25)… so i was at the tippy top of my age group… They said “and in 1st place in the 20-24 with a time of 26:30  (i looked at Chris and i said “Holy Shit, thats me”)…. Jena H…”   WOW! I was shocked..
So I PR’d today! I was really really really excitded about it! I can’t wait to run my next race. I’m going to register for a Santa run that is also in Bartow. Woohoo!!

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