My first 5k!

Today was my first 5k. Community in Pink 5k, put on by Health Central. The race was at Winter Garden Village. If I had a scanner I’d scan the map and but it on here, but I don’t.

I got up at 4:40am. Shaved my legs.. LOL, i know important! I ate some toast with peanut butter. I got Chris up..with argument, of course. We left the house at 5:40.  Check-in was at 6:30. I wasn’t sure how crazy it would be so I wanted to get there early enough where we wouldn’t have to wait to check in…and i was just nervous. so i wanted to get there and just see everything so i could calm down.

We got there at 6:25, checked in and then walked over to the mcdonalds.. no way i’m usin a porto-potti when there is a perfectly good mcdonalds just down the parking lot!

The race started in the “middle” of the parking lot I guess. Where that pavilion thing is… I can’t tell you the whole course…. We ran through WGV and into a neighborhood and back through WGV.

I felt good during the whole race. At the very beginning of the race my right calf started feeling tight; i though “Oh this is going to be a long run if this doesn’t loosen up”…thankfully it went away and i ran fine. I kept up a steady pace. Not quick, just steady. It actually went by really quickly. I was jammin’ out to my i-pod, focusing on my pace, and breathing (cuz that tends to be important!)… I couldn’t believe how quickly we got back to WGV.

There weren’t not very many spectators. There were some though, and it was really cool to hear/see them cheering for us. We ran through a neighborhood and there were some folks out in their yards clapping and what not. pretty cool!

I crossed the finish line in 31:07…according to my timer on my watch. There was no “official” time or anything like that. The race was kind of crazily put together. Everyone had a hard time hearing when the announcer guy said “GO!” , it was kinda crazy! 
Chris wasn’t there to see me cross the finish line… He went to the mcdonalds and he thought he would have plenty of time to get back before i was finished. WRONG. I told him I wanted to finish in 35min or less,he didn’t think i would finish in 31:07… So after i crossed I was kinda sad bc I didn’t see Chris and it was like another 5 minutes before I found him. Oh well, there will be other races! I still had a really great time.

I am really proud of myself for 2 reasons. #1, because I actually finished in less time then I aimed for.

The second reason is more of a self thing… I am proud of myself for actually going out and doing the race, by myself. I had no one to run with me and I didn’t let that stop me. Alot of times if I don’t know anyone thats going to be someplace, or if there are large crowds I’d rather just not go. I do not like large crowds of people.  I am just proud of myself for finding the race, “training” for the race, registering for the race, and running it by myself. That is a pretty big thing for me.

I told Chris, “I think this is something i’m definently going to get into, I love it” It’s just fun! It’s great to be apart of something like that.  I’ve already been on looking for more races coming up! I can’t wait to run again!


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