Excuse me: Can someone turn the rain off?

I can’t handle any more rain, and neither can my poor puppy Diva. We are sick of it! We are sick of walking out side in the rain. We are sick of our hair getting wet!!!
Today when I got home there was no standing water. Then it poured while I was cooking dinner and now we have standing water- ugh. bring on the mosquito infestation!
That water is belly deep on my puppy. She doesn’t like to play in it–trust me, I know. I tried to drag her in it last week when it was also there.
I hate rain- I mean I strongly dislike it right now. I understand that we needed the rain, but this just plain ridiculous!
The power goes out every time it rains- not good when I’m trying to cook dinner. We got a half inch of rain in less then 2 hours today.
It is supposed to rain for atleast the next 3 days according to the weather channel so i guess we’ll just have to deal w/ it. =(

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